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Opportunity knocks at ActiveState
at 2007-08-12 19:11:22

I'm not neglecting the blog because I'm indulging in lengthy holidays; nope, just the opposite. It's chaos at ActiveState. Post-OSCON work to do, and we need more people to help us do it. We're scheming some outrageously neat stuff and we've got to add to our team.

I know September seems like a reasonable time to make a transition in your life, leaves changing and schools starting and all that noise, but forget that cliche and try this one on for size: the early bird gets the worm! Hear ye, hear ye: get your new job now! ActiveState is hiring:

Sales and Marketing


    at 2007-08-12 19:11:22

    Yet another Yet Another Perl Conference, this one in euros.

    What: YAPC::Europe
    Where: Vienna, Austria
    When: August 28-30

    "YAPC" stands for Yet Another Perl Conference and is a series of low-cost, grassroot conference organized by local Perl user groups. YAPC::Europe is the biggest Perl conference in Europe, and this year's conference is guaranteed to be amazing, with a stellar line-up of Perl gurus: Larry Wall (creator of Perl), Damian Conway, Audrey Tang, and Mark Jason Dominus. Check out these big-name speakers for a super-low price: regular attendance costs just 100 Euros or 80 Euros for students! That's a great deal for three packed days of talks and events. ActiveState is proud to be a sponsor of this

    Everyday Perl 6
    at 2007-08-12 19:11:20

    Jonathan Scott Duff recently wrote an article at that highlights some of the differences between Perl 5 and Perl 6. If you're interested in keeping on the cutting edge...

    Building a Vector Space Search Engine in Perl
    at 2007-08-12 19:11:20

    Every good Perl programmer knows that even if it's all been done before, it can't hurt to take some time out and do it again yourself. If nothing else, it...

    In-Depth with - Creating Drop-Down Lists
    at 2007-08-12 19:11:20

    The drop-down list is a handy form element that can offer a quick, clean selection method for the user. Continuing our tutorial on creating HTML form elements with, let's...


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