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Opportunity knocks at ActiveState
at 2007-08-12 19:11:22

I'm not neglecting the blog because I'm indulging in lengthy holidays; nope, just the opposite. It's chaos at ActiveState. Post-OSCON work to do, and we need more people to help us do it. We're scheming some outrageously neat stuff and we've got to add to our team.

I know September seems like a reasonable time to make a transition in your life, leaves changing and schools starting and all that noise, but forget that cliche and try this one on for size: the early bird gets the worm! Hear ye, hear ye: get your new job now! ActiveState is hiring:

Sales and Marketing


You get to work with seriously smart people on cool tools in the kind of dotcom environment all your friends will envy (super casual, beer fridge, wii in the playroom, regular "field trips" like go-carting, etc.)  We're in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and you should be too. Opportunity knocks. Heck, it's breaking down your door! C'mon.

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