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OSCON, Day 2 (ish)
at 2007-08-12 19:11:22

Some folks are seriously straggling this morning and the line-up at Starbucks is lengthy. The character in the pink skirt and floppy hat with balloon breasts is looking to be in fine form again this morning, although the clothes can't be so fresh after last night's Sun party in some wacky carpeted hotel parking lot. I arrived a little late for it and missed the action, I think (I assume there was more action before I got there), but there was a healthy crowd. The Mozilla party had a great band playing—Menomena, from Portland—so we hit it first. Tuesday night was a late one for me—sharing lots of red wine with the folks from Social Text—so I called it a bit earlier last night,

Our Komodo demo CDs arrived this morning, so we're back in business today. We've also got a new case study up on our website. David Brewer and his team from Second Story Interactive Studios in Portland do these amazing interactive sites using Komodo, so while we're here and he's here, it's the perfect time to spread the news. Read the case study to get the scoop.

David came by our booth at OSCON a few years back and heard about Komodo, and he's been a devotee since. The case study is about how he converted to Komodo to solve a complex development and code management project. And check out the results! We think it's kinda cool that people are using Komodo for this kind of stuff.

I've gotta get back on my feet now for another day of OSCON! More later....

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