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Greetings and salutations from OSCON!
at 2007-08-12 19:11:22

Here's the most important news from the expo floor: the swag and nosh report. The most coveted t-shirt is surely the vibrant orange Mozilla shirt, although I'm not sure how it'll look with everyone's hangovers tomorrow (post-Mozilla party). Intel wins the swish booth award, with massive printed scrims hanging from the ceiling and—far too close to the ActiveState booth—a supply of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream bars. Speaking of food, the conference food is good this year. Yes, you heard me right: it's good. No suspicious giant sandwiches in a box.

So it sounds like all I've been doing is eating and gathering swag, right? Well, almost. I've been speaking to lots of people at the booth, mostly answering questions about ActiveState and Komodo. As per my RailsConf report, here are the answers to the top 10 questions asked:

  1. "So, I tried Komodo, ages ago. What's new?" Whoa! Where to start... Since last year's OSCON, Komodo has had an extreme software makeover. Hardly know where to start on this one, but luckily I can just link here.
  2. "So, what's new in Perl Dev Kit 7?" Again—after mentioning OS X support—easier to answer with a link...
  3. "I see you're hiring for a lot of positions. How many people work at ActiveState?" The answer has surprised people: we currently have 28 employees and postings for another six or seven.
  4. "Oh, I'm not interested. I'm a Vi/Emacs guy. Komodo has Emacs keybindings/Vi emulation? Ohhh..." Yup, it's true. Spread the word.
  5. "Yeah, but it's for Windows, right?" Mais non, mon ami! Komodo is built on Mozilla and works on the platforms you work on--Mac, Linux, Windows. And one license covers you across your machines.
  6. "Been to any good sessions?" Nope, I haven't had a single moment to attend any sessions; you'll have to check David Ascher's blog or Eric Promislow's blog for updates.
  7. "Do you offer special deals for volume purchases?" Yup. If you're buyig more than 10 copies of Komodo, PDK or TDK, you can save $$. More details here.
  8. "Where's Gozer?" Chained to his desk, back at the office.
  9. "Are you going to the ______ party?" Yes! Definitely.
  10. "Can I have a shirt?"

More from the floor tomorrow, assuming US Customs lets our Komodo CDs through quickly and we get our FedEx delivery first things tomorrow. The 28 CDs we have left aren't going to last long!

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