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Komodo 101
at 2007-08-12 19:11:22

I just watched the latest screencast from the Komodo team, and it was fantastic. Seriously, I was totally oblivious to some cool stuff that I should be using to make my life easier. If you're reading this, you probably use Komodo like a pro already—and you're definitely far more adept at using it than me—but if not, and...

  • you've downloaded a trial version of Komodo IDE or Komodo Edit and been kinda daunted by all the features; or
  • you want a slick way to convert your co-workers/boyfriend/user group/Facebook acquaintances to Komodo (and the bait-and-switch program wasn't enough); or
  • need another medium to explain to your boss why he or she should buy you Komodo IDE; or
  • you have 9 minutes of work time to kill today anyway;

....then the Introduction to Komodo screencast is for you!

Check it out on the ActiveState Community Site. From the toolbox to configurable syntax highlighting, Troy Topnik demonstrates some of the key features of Komodo IDE, including code intelligence (autocomplete and calltips) in multi-language files, customizable key bindings and Vi emulation, configurable toolbars, and project templates. 

For those of you who've graduated from Komodo 101, there's the Komodo 4.1 Rails Project Template Tutorial too. And add the screencast RSS feed to your reader, as there are new screencasts in the works. | digg this

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