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Pros and cons of shared hosting
at 2007-08-12 15:24:12

Shared hosting means your website is hosted on a shared server. You basically rent some space on a server that’s shared with other users; much in the same way you rent an apartment in a block. You will typically share a huge server with a great number of websites (ranging from a few hundreds to thousands).

Pros :

  • Low hosting cost : below 10$/month
  • Simplicity : server is entirely controlled and managed by the host
  • PHP, MySQL, Perl, email, etc. support
  • Technical support : web hosts know shared plans are often chosen by beginner webmasters so they usually provide fairly comprehensive support to users

Cons :

  • Reliability : your site’s performance is likely to be affected by the behavior of your ‘neighbors’
  • Limited resources : you are not guaranteed any particular amount of RAM or CPU power
  • Limited flexibility : access to the core applications of the server is usually limit

    Pros and cons of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting
    at 2007-08-12 15:24:12

    A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is often seen as an in-between solution between a shared hosting plan and a dedicated server. You share some hardware with your neighbors but have guaranteed access to resources in terms of RAM and CPU power (they are still shared but the host manages the usage). The server is partitioned into a limited number of VPSs so each VPS runs as an independent server; it can be rebooted.

    Pros :

    • Guaranteed resources
    • Access to core applications of the machine to install almost anything
    • Less expensive than a dedicated server
    • Can be used to ‘resell’ space

    Cons :

    • Requires more technical expertise than a shared plan
    • Still some security risks due to shared hardware

    A VPS can be a good alternative to a dedicated server. Particularly if you wish to test your server management skills before moving on to the big box. You can find VPSs as low as 20-30$/month, and a

    Pros and cons of dedicated hosting
    at 2007-08-12 15:24:12

    A dedicated hosting plan means that you rent an entire server, just for you. You have root access and the machine is yours to do whatever you want with it.

    Pros :

    • Dedicated resources : the CPU, RAM, hard drive are all yours to take
    • Flexibility : root access to set up the server to your liking and install whatever you want
    • Security is in your hands alone
    • Dependency on the web host is minimal
    • Can be used to ‘resell’ space

    Cons :

    • More expensive : often above 100$/month
    • Extensive technical knowledge may be required (depending on the level of support)
    • Requires more maintenance

    If you have access to the knowledge, expertise, money and time it takes to manage a dedicated server, it’s the ultimate choice. Complete flexibility to do whatever you want and to keep everything secure. If however you don’t manage the server well, security and performance can q

    Shared or dedicated hosting?
    at 2007-08-12 15:24:12

    That’s a popular and extremely important question to answer for any web project. Choosing the right hosting plan depends on your needs, your budget and your technical expertise in managing a server. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

    Shared Hosting
    Recommended usage :

    • Traffic : Low to moderate (under 100 simultaneous users)
    • Budget : Low (under 10$/month)
    • Technical expertise needed to run : Mimimum

    Virtual Private Server (VPS)
    Recommended usage :

    • Traffic : Moderate to high (under 1000 simultaneous users)
    • Budget : Low to intermediate (under 100$/month)
    • Technical expertise needed to run : Intermediate to high (depending on level of management by the host)

    Dedicated Server
    Recommended usage :

    • Traffic : Moderate to high (over 1000 simultaneous users)
    • Budget : Low to intermediate (over 100$/month)

      Top 10 signs that a web hosting review site is biased
      at 2007-08-12 15:24:12

      I think it’s fairly true to say that there is no such thing as a completely unbiased web host review. The reason is simple : we’re all human and we ‘feel’ for certain things or brands more than others. It’s completely natural behavior and that’s ok. However, the internet has given birth to a formidable breed of salesmen. They’re kinda like the Transformers : one minute a review expert and the next, wow, a salesman. Sadly, they don’t all ‘Roll Out’.

      Top 10 signs that a web hosting review site is a salesman in disguise (and why this is bs) :

      1. Can’t find any actual reviews, only links to web hosts. (why is that host any good again?)
      2. Reviews are too short and incomplete. (how can he say it’s any good?)
      3. Reviewed hosts only have


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