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The Business of Web Design
at 2007-08-12 15:35:54

I just finished my first video (of a series) that I am calling:

The Business of Web Design.

Being clever nerds that you surely are, I’m sure you’ve guessed that the video has something to do with the web design business.

… You guessed correctly.

This first video provides an introduction to a course that will guide you in starting and growing a home based web design business. That means the course is targeting web designers who have little to no business experience at all.

Some of the topics the course will cover:

  • How to start a business.
  • How to create web design contracts.
  • How to charge clients.
  • How to get your first clients.
  • How to streamline the web design process to make it much more profitable.

… This is just a small taste, but I think you got the picture.

Check out my first video and send me some feedback … does it suck, how to produce a video tutorial
at 2007-08-12 15:35:54


I’ve put together a PDF document that outlines the process on how to create an effective video tutorial:

How to create a video tutorial

Although I wrote this to help people who want to contribute video tutorials to, you will find it packed with a lot of tips on:

  • On how to create effective videos.
  • Software options for creating videos.
  • How to work with both Windows and Mac when creating videos.

Hope you find this useful.


Stefan Mischook

The Business of Web Design - Video 2
at 2007-08-12 15:35:54


I just released my second video for the Business of Web Design course:

Business of Web Design: Hardware and Software

It is about 14 minutes and it covers the basics on what hardware and software you need to start a web design business. Along the way, I discus a few basic business concepts that are crucial to any small business.


I am also archiving the videos at



The Millionaire Myth and the Business of Web Design
at 2007-08-12 15:35:54


This article has something to do with my Business of Web Design video course, so please bear with me!


What I am about to say, will probably get me into some trouble. Yet, it needs to be said because it is true.

In a nutshell: chances are, you will not become a millionaire!

A little background:

There is a popular belief, that if you follow the right steps, read the right books, that you can become a millionaire. The sense you get (from all the books and tv infomercials) is that it’s possible … very possible.

Some facts:

  • Only 1% of Americans make $250 000 / year … let alone becoming millionaires.
  • Something like 85% of self made millionaire live very modest (middle class) lifestyles.

Mac OSX vs. Windows
at 2007-08-12 15:35:54

Mac os x logo

It has been 6 months since I picked up a MacBook Pro and I have been very impressed with this machine.

To be fair, it isn’t perfect but it is the best computer I’ve ever used:

  • OSX is stable and pleasant to use. Things just work!
  • The Mac book hardware is top notch.

For example:

Every MacBook comes with a tiny webcam (iSight) built into its’ cover - no need to buy an external cam anymore. It is convenient to be sure, but how about the image quality?

… To my surprise, the little webcam produces a better image quality than even top notch webcams from Logitech!

How about 3rd party hardware?

As is consistent with Mac OSX (in that things tend to work), when you plug in any piece of hardware, it seems to just work.

At first it was a little strange to


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