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Java University: Building Dynamic Web Sites with Ajax and Dojo
at 2007-08-12 19:18:54

The more I learn about Ajax, the more I wonder where the limit is. Maybe more appropriately, I wonder at what point do I want to turn around and go back to my rich client.

JavaFX -- Simplifying UI for Content Developers
at 2007-08-12 19:18:54

What is JavaFX? It's a set of Java technologies that will make it easier to develop rich multimedia content on the Java platform. At it's core, it's a new scripting language that runs on desktops and mobile devices. From the...

Simplify App Development with The Swing Application Framework
at 2007-08-12 19:18:54

Have you ever fretted over the difficulty of creating a desktop application with a Swing-based user interface (UI)? Developers have sometimes complained that building Swing applications is just too hard. Sun has taken much of the feedback and has tried...

Configuring NetBeans for the Java Persistence API
at 2007-08-12 19:18:54

The Java Persistence API (JPA) is part of the EJB 3.0 spec and simplifies how you save application entities in a database. You can now use POJOs for both application business logic and persistence. Did you know that you can...

The Swing Application (Un)Framework
at 2007-08-12 19:18:54

The Swing Application Framework (JSR 296) is hardly a framework at all, not in the typical sense anyway. The framework is probably the lightest, easiest to use one I've ever experienced.


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